Affordable saliva test analyzes risk of 25 hereditary cancers across 98 genes

Personalize your patients’ healthcare plans

Broad gene panel covers more hereditary cancers

The 98 genes analyzed were carefully selected based on their association with increased risk for developing the most types of hereditary cancers.   See full 98 Gene Matrix >>

Actionable Results

Knowing your patients’ risk for hereditary cancers will help you customize their cancer screening frequency and health plans.  More about CellMax-DNA >>

CLIA certified lab in Sunnyvale, California

Patented, next generation sequencing SMSEQ™ platform has an analytical specificity of ≥99.999%.

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“Early cancer detection is the most effective way to fight cancer.”

Dr. Ashish Nimgaonkar, MD, Asst. Professor of Medicine & Associate Medical Director, Center for Bioengineering Innovation & Design at Johns Hopkins University:

“The public has already been fairly well-educated on the value of genetic testing for breast cancer.

“The ability of the CellMax-DNA Genetic Cancer Test to identify mutations associated with 24 hereditary cancers in an affordable saliva test, is valuable to both patients and their doctors in planning for appropriate screening frequency and preventative measures.”

Dr. Tai Cheng-Jeng, MD, PhD, Chief, Division of Hematology & Oncology, Department of Internal Medicine, Taipei Medical University Hospital, Taiwan:

“Early cancer detection is the most effective way to fight cancer.

“CellMax Life’s convenient genetic cancer saliva DNA test based on the next generation sequencing SMSEQ platform offers the broadest gene panel for known hereditary cancers, allowing doctors and their patients to collaborate on personalized, optimal health planning.”