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With only a saliva sample, we can identify your risk for 25 hereditary cancers.

With only a blood sample, we can detect the smallest traces of cancer early – and help in determining your optimal treatment.


Our technology analyzes key indicators unique to cancer.

We target multiple cancer biomarkers on our clinically-proven Technology Platforms.


Genetic DNA Mutations can Increase Cancer risk by 20 times

Genetic mutations associated with increased cancer risk are passed from parent to offspring. These inherited abnormal genes are in contrast to acquired mutations which occur over time and include environmental factors and lifestyle choices such as smoking or sun exposure. Individuals with certain genetic mutations can have a risk of getting hereditary cancers  up to 20 times greater than individuals without these mutations.

The CellMax-DNA Genetic Cancer Risk Test identifies 98 genes across 25 hereditary cancers using its proprietary SMSEQ  Platform. The test requires only a saliva sample.

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Circulating Tumor Cells

CTCs are extremely rare cells that drive tumor growth and metastasis.

Our patented CMx Platform is clinically proven to detect CTCs in early stage cancer.

The CMx Platform uses a biomimetic, lipid-bilayer coated microfluidic chip to capture these rare cells in peripheral blood. This breakthrough has been described in several peer-reviewed journal articles.

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Circulating Tumor DNA

Often known as a “Liquid Biopsy”.

Tumors shed small DNA fragments into the bloodstream. This  cell‐free DNA is in contrast with circulating tumor cells (CTCs), which are  intact tumor cells in the blood stream.

Our innovative SMSEQ Platform can detect these rare ctDNA fragments with over >99.999% specificity. Using an optimized form of next-generation sequencing (NGS), the SMSEQ technology isolates and deep sequences thousands of base pairs in order to create an accurate genomic tumor profile.

Select Publications and Abstracts

Introducing a Novel Biomarker for Prostate Cancer Detection in the PSA Gray Zone; SIU 2016
See-Tong Pang et al.

Genomic Profiling of Tumors For Targeted Therapy Matching Using Novel Liquid Biopsy Platform (SMSEQ); Liquid Biopsy Summit 2016
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Liquid Biopsy Prevents Inaccurate Her2 Status Determination by in situ Hybridization in a Patient with Invasive Ductal Adenocarcinoma of the Breast: Case Report
Yen-Dun Tony Tzenga, b Shih-En Changc Rui Meid Manana Javey

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