After years of research and clinical testing, we have developed non-invasive, accurate blood tests for early detection of cancer. By making cancer prevention routine, we enable everyone to take control of their own health. The more people take our breakthrough blood tests, the more lives we can save. Life over cancer.


We are a liquid biopsy company focused on cancer screening with a proprietary technology for detecting precancer and cancer cells in a single blood sample. We have built a team of experts across multiple disciplines, including precancer and cancer cell capture and imaging, algorithm development, biostatistics, and development and commercialization of clinical grade tests.


Atul Sharan

Chief Executive Officer

Rui Mei, PhD

Chief Scientific Officer

John Sninsky, PhD

Chief Technology Advisor

Drew Watson, PhD

Sr. VP of Clinical Studies & Biostatistics

Atul Sharan

Chief Executive Officer

Amit Shah

Board Member

Alan Cooke

Board Member

Stan Shih

Founder and Chairman, Acer; Board Member, TSMC; Board Observer

Yuchiro Morimoto

President, Enplas America Inc; Board Observer

Samir Gupta, MD

Gastroenterologist, Professor of Medicine UC San Diego Health

Shai Friedland, MD

Principle Investigator; Gastroenterologist and Professor of Medicine Stanford University; Chief of Gastroenterology and Hepatology, VAPAHCS

Ashish Nimgaonkar, MD

Assistant Professor of Medicine Johns Hopkins; Associate Medical Director

Heinz Josef Lenz, MD

Professor of Medicine and Preventive Medicine, GI; Keck School of Medicine, USC

Mahul Amin, MD

Chair, Dept. of Pathology, College of Medicine Univ. of Tennessee Health Science Center;

UTHSC Gerwin Chair for Cancer Research

Dave Lawrence, MD

Advisor, Artiman Ventures; Former CEO & Chairman, Kaiser Foundation Health Plan and Hospitals

Atul Sharan

Chief Executive Officer

Atul Sharan co-founded CellMax Life in 2012, applying semiconductor industry principles to a proprietary Circulating Epithelial Cell Bio-Mimetic CMx platform to develop affordable and quantitative blood-tests for Early Cancer Detection and Treatment. He was motivated to start CellMax as two members of his family had been diagnosed with cancer – one of them was diagnosed with breast cancer within two weeks of receiving a conclusively negative mammogram. Atul is a veteran of the high-tech industry with experience as an engineer, serial entrepreneur, CEO and angel investor. Previously he was also resident at Mohr-Davidow Ventures and Artiman Ventures. He specializes in identifying unmet market needs and matching them with early-stage technologies to achieve dramatically better results than prevailing standards. He has done that successfully multiple times: AutoESL (acquired by Xilinx); ClearShape Technologies (acquired by Cadence), Numerical Technologies (Nasdaq IPO; acquired by Synopsys); Ambit Design (acquired by Cadence). Atul holds a BS in Engineering from IIT-India; MS in Engineering from UH, Texas and an MBA from UC-Berkeley.

Rui Mei, PhD

Chief Scientific Officer & VP of R&D

As Chief Scientific Officer at CellMax Life, Dr Mei leads a global team of R&D scientists, CLIA and CAP laboratory professionals, bioinformaticians and software engineers. She is responsible for the development of CellMax Life’s multi-biomarker platforms, including the precancer and cancer cell detection, next generation sequencing (NGS), methylation and protein expression platforms. Prior to joining CellMax Life, Dr Mei was Vice President of R&D and genomic service operations, and part of the founding team at Centrillion Biosciences, where she established that company's next-generation sequencing services for pharmaceutical companies, researchers and physicians. At Affymetrix, a pioneer in multi-biomarker analysis tools, Dr Mei led the development of multiple products for genotyping, re-sequencing, and gene expression analysis. She received her PhD in Biochemistry from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, and post-doctoral training in Nucleic Acid Enzymology at Stanford University. Dr Mei has published over 40 articles in peer-reviewed scientific journals and holds 20 patents.

John Sninsky, PhD

Chief Technology Advisor

John Sninsky brings a comprehensive and deep understanding of the development and application of pioneering molecular procedures to the translation of research-grade biomarker assays into clinical-grade clinically adopted diagnostic tests. He has authored over 110 scientific papers including advanced methods in molecular biology, lipid sub-fractionation, application of the polymerase chain reaction (PCR) to virology and cancer, and genome-wide genetic association studies for multiple common, complex diseases. Most recently, as CSO of CareDx (Nasdaq: CDNA) John oversaw the translation of an early stage research NGS Test to a US government reimbursed and now widely adopted Laboratory Developed CLIA-CAP test for transplanted kidney rejection. Over the last year, John has consulted in Dx assay development and advised on clinical and technical dossier drafting for reimbursement in cancer, autism, and liver disease. He advises commercial translation efforts at Stanford University (SPARK) and University of California in San Francisco (CATALYST).

John holds a PhD from Purdue University and carried out postdoctoral studies at Stanford University before serving on the faculty of Albert Einstein College of Medicine.

He has over 30 years experience having served in executive positions at Cetus, Roche Molecular Systems, Hoffmann La-Roche, Celera, Quest Diagnostics and CareDx . These companies ranged from small to enterprise CLIA-CAP laboratories and small to enterprise in vitro diagnostic (IVD) companies that required FDA clearance and approval for commercialization of kits.

John’s past awards include being a recipient of the Purdue University Distinguished Alumni Award (2001), the Hoffmann-La Roche R & D Prize (1997) for his efforts in applying PCR to virology and developing assays for measuring viral load in individuals with (HIV) AIDS, the Pan American Society for Clinical Virology Award (1992) and the Centers for Disease Control Charles C. Shepherd Science Award (1988). His professional society memberships include the American Association for the Advancement of Science, Association of Molecular Pathology, American Society Human Genetics, American College Medical Genetics, American Association Cancer Research, American Society of Clinical Oncology and American Association for the Study of Liver Disease.

Padma Sundar

VP of Strategy and Market Access

Padma Sundar is responsible for corporate strategy, market access and marketing at CellMax Life. She has over 20 years of experience commercializing and driving adoption of novel diagnostics. Prior to CellMax, Padma led product management and marketing for Guardant Health's liquid biopsy, leading to its adoption by 80% of oncologists in the United States. Padma also led product management at Roche Sequencing for their liquid biopsy tests, which have been launched in over 50 countries worldwide for cancer treatment selection and monitoring. Padma began her career at McKinsey & Company’s healthcare practice. She has an MBA-MPH from UC Berkeley and a Bachelors in Chemistry.

Drew Watson

Sr. VP of Clinical Studies & Biostatistics

Dr Watson is responsible for clinical studies at CellMax Life. He is a highly accomplished senior executive with over 30 years of success in biostatistics and computational biology at Invitae, Genomic Health, Incyte Genomics, and Chiron Corporation. At Genomic Health, he led the pivotal clinical trial for the molecular diagnostic, Oncotype DX for breast cancer recurrence risk assessment, leading to its coverage by the Centers of Medicare and Medicaid (CMS). He has published extensively in the area of biostatistics, oncology and genomics, and is a holder of multiple key U.S. patents in genomics, algorithm development, and personalized medicine. Dr Watson earned a B.S. in Statistics from California State University East Bay, an M.S. in Computational Statistics from Stanford University, an M.B.A. in Strategic Management from Golden State University, and a PhD in Biostatistics from University of California Los Angeles (UCLA).

Todd Whitson, Chief Commercial Officer

Todd Whitson

Chief Commercial Officer

Todd Whitson is responsible for test commercialization and global business development at CellMax Life. Todd has over 15 years of experience in healthcare as a commercial leader, building and accelerating growth for early stage diagnostic companies. Before joining CellMax Life, Todd had a number of leadership roles in the molecular diagnostic industry, most notably serving as vice president of commercial operations of Ariosa Diagnostics, a leader in blood-based non-invasive prenatal testing (NIPT). He helped grow the company from a startup with no revenue to generating $50 million in revenue within two years, which led to a $650 million acquisition by Roche. Prior to Ariosa, Todd also led sales at Genzyme Genetics, a leader in oncology and reproductive testing, helping to drive the success of the company to an acquisition by LabCorp for $950 million.