Lily’s Story: Early Detection with CellMax-CRC Screening Saves Life

Nobody thinks that they can get cancer. At least I didn’t think so despite having a family history of cancer.

In 2001, my oldest brother had 1/3 of his stomach removed because of gastric cancer.  Two years ago, my second oldest bother passed away because of colorectal cancer.  My father also passed away because of hepatic cancer.  Fearful of the same fate, I have always maintained a healthy diet and placed great importance on exercise.  Most importantly, I regularly get fairly high end health checks each year.

And because I was afraid of the pain a colonoscopy could cause, the side effects of anesthesia and even of the potential of my colon being injured, I always chose tumor markers and fecal occult blood testing.

On a random occasion, I heard from a friend that the company CellMax Life could detect abnormal colon cells in very early stages even before the abnormal cells turned into precancerous cells just from a blood sample.

I used to be suspicious of this type of technology but because this test is a simple one that only requires drawing blood draw and doesn’t make me feel awkward or inconvenienced like fecal occult blood testing, I thought “why not try it out”.

The result of report was abnormal.

CellMax Life strongly encouraged me to find a physician for additional confirmation.  So despite being unwilling and reluctant, I still went for a colonoscopy.  After the colonoscopy was performed the physician told me that he removed 8 polyps.

Laboratory tests revealed that 3 of the polyps were precancerous.

Now I am finally relieved.  I am happy that I took CellMax Life blood test.  I regularly take CellMax Life’s blood test to monitor my colon’s condition.

In Taiwan, there is someone diagnosed with colorectal cancer ever 35 mins 50% are diagnosed at a late stage

Had I not taken CellMax Life’s blood test, I probably would have still believed that I would never get cancer in the absence of symptoms.

My precancerous polyp would have turned into colorectal cancer.

But now I don’t have to worry anymore.

In Taiwan, colorectal cancer has persistently been the most common cancer for several years.

Before colorectal cancer can do any harm to the body, the most effective preventative measure is to get screened annually with CellMax Life’s blood test.

Generally, people don’t seem to be aware of this fact.  Only limited changes can be made about all the risk factors everyone talks about.

Doing CellMax Life’s blood test is the most correct choice I’ve ever made.